Close the Biggest Deal of Your Enterprise Sales Career Within the Next 12 Months

Mega Deal Secrets is a 10-week masterclass that gives enterprise sellers the framework, tools, 
coaching, accountability and community necessary to close their first Mega Deal.
Our students work here:

Who It’s For:

Mega Deal Secrets Masterclass is for you if you’ve been an enterprise account executive or strategic account rep in SaaS for at least two years averaging $200k/year in total comp. You must have support from management to work deals over 3-12 month sales cycles. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:
  • Engaging with senior execs in your accounts.
  • ​Crafting a value story that senior execs will listen to.
  • ​Positioning a deal of size (vs. a small land and expand deal).
  • ​Negotiating with Procurement without conceding massive discounts.
  • ​Finding a peer-group of elite enterprise sellers so you can raise your standards.

What It Helps You Achieve:

Mega Deal Secrets Masterclass will help you achieve the following:
  • Get a Mega Deal Sales Cycle in flight within the next 10 weeks
  • Close a Mega Deal within the next 12 months
  • ​Earn at least an additional $100k in commissions

What Members Are Saying:

Enterprise Account Executive - Dynatrace
Strategic Enterprise Account Executive -
Senior Enterprise Account Executive -
Senior Director, Global Sales -
Account Executive - Supply Chain

How It Works:

Mega Deal Secrets Masterclass gives you everything you need to achieve similar results:
  • Live Coaching: live zoom sessions with Jamal every other week in small groups of 5-10 sellers - you pick your best account and we work it into a mega deal sales cycle over 10 weeks.
  • Event Recordings: All live events are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them.
  • ​Templates + Tools: Get the templates and tools required to plan and execute your first Mega Deal sales cycle.
  • ​Community: Exclusive access to Jamal’s Enterprise Sales community, where the top 1% reps in the world exchange best-practices and proven-tactics every day.
  • Slack channel: interact between live sessions with group members and Jamal anytime.

How To Apply:

If you’re an enterprise Account Executive making on average at least $200,000 per year and you’re interested in finding and closing the biggest deal of your career, let's get started. Use the calendar below to set up a time to talk. 
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